Our company is perhaps not gold diggers – Vietnamese spouse in Taiwan breaks stereotypes

A new woman is turning up popular perception of Vietnamese spouses in Taiwan for just what it really is: irrational prejudice.

« Exactly how much sexybrides.org asian dating did you spend to obtain a Vietnamese spouse? « 

It was among a few questions that are rude John Li could maybe perhaps not escape as he married Nguyen Thu Hang.

Offered the context of several women that are young poor Vietnamese families being compensated in order to become spouses of older males from Taiwan, Southern Korea and Asia, this real question is maybe understandable, but Hang doesn’t have intention of using it lying down.

She really wants to smash the unjust stereotyping of Vietnamese ladies being gold-diggers using the truth associated with the tremendous sacrifices they often lead to the benefit of the families as well as the care they offer with their brand new families.

This woman is well prepared to achieve this that she uses to good effect to spread her message because she has her own YouTube channel, HangTV.

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