It was, eh, one of many, eh, more unusual tales of the season.

The Irish Sun paper broke this in might that an exclusive Laois location had been hosting a special ‘sex celebration’ in a key location in Laois and that tickets might be bought online.

The story provoked massive interest and curiosity with several of our readers fascinated as to in which the place might be. Alas, neither ourselves nor sunlight could locate where it had been taking place.

The storyline below, however, gave a lot of history in the organisers.

Yes, you may be reading this properly and also this is truly occurring.

The Irish Sun is reporting that Laois is verified whilst the next location for a special ‘sex celebration’ on Saturday, June 9 – which organisers are holding in a key luxurious residence with seats offered to buy on the web., that was launched in 2005 and hosts these ongoing parties all over the globe, has launched information on the function on their internet site.

The events are referred to as an “electrically-charged environment where ladies, guys and couples can explore their sex in a bold yet safe and managed way”.

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