The 5,000 Yr Old Games We??™re today that is still playing disgraceful! They may be reading a guide.

Games never change

T oday, you can easily circumambulate a street that is crowded see people who have their noses deeply inside their phone displays and decry the increase for the phone game. The most popular apps and games have surely wasted thousands of hours of people??™s lives over the years with billions of downloads.

Nevertheless, utilizing games to amuse ourselves just isn’t a brand new problem that arose through the increase of society. In fact, individuals have been inventing and board that is playing for many thousands of years.

Games have been in existence considering that the dawn that is very of. Not just are we nevertheless playing these games, many thousands of years later on, but you will find also application that is phone of the very most ancient of games.

The greater things change, the greater they remain similar.


The video game of backgammon goes back approximately 5,000 years. Unlike numerous ancient games, this 1 have not just survived before the current day but has additionally remained mostly the exact same for the entirety of their lifespan.

Backgammon is a game consists of a board, thirty checkers (also known as males), and some sets of dice.

This setup that is simple managed to make it a well liked of individuals for hundreds of years.

Backgammon is believed to have started in Mesopotamia for some associated with the very first peoples civilizations.

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