Your attributes that are starting additionally raised by the alternatives within the prologue

1.3: Skills These you will find the abilities which presently matter in gameplay, all abilities are chosen in the very beginning of the game: Skills: 1. Martial arts: need less physical physical fitness to win a battle (this one’s on me personally, sorry dudes); 2. Videogames: constantly winnings the arcade videogame event; 3. No rest: need one hour less sleep; 4. Hung: get +1lp if girls occur to encounter the trouser python (+1lp if you should be into the restroom with bree or sasha, first asking one to keep counts); 5. Guitar: prerequisite for sasha’s musical organization event;

6. Cooking: desire gain from eating using the girls into the early morning (this ability is earnable in game); abilities also influence dpl ( more on that underneath 1.5)

Bad abilities: 1. Debt: lose 100$ before spending lease

1.4: characteristics Each woman has inherent faculties which influences which actions she will like on times, these times is likely to be discoverable when you are getting sufficient lp (needless to say they are additionally described to the 2: girls) they’re going to additionally influence exactly just just how lp that is much’ll gain through the clothing you wear specific girls also provide anti-traits, this means they will hate every thing related to that trait

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