Threesome rape trial: Accused testifies he believed bound, blindfolded victim consented


SINGAPORE: A man accused of raping a bound, blindfolded girl in a threesome scenario testified in court on Friday (Nov 8) which he genuinely thought the target had offered her permission.

Srihari Mahendran, 23, told the court he thought that the boyfriend had gained their 25-year-old girlfriend’s permission to own a threesome.

The prosecution had made the instance which he had conspired utilizing the boyfriend to possess intercourse aided by the target without her knowledge.

The target along with her boyfriend, that is serving a term that is jail their participation, is not known as to guard her identification.

Srihari stated he assumed that the facts for the set-up – utilizing the girl being blindfolded and tangled up – had been to fulfil « a fantasy that is particular associated with the boyfriend.

He reported that they were not « partners » in the matter, as the boyfriend had testified earlier this week that he felt « used » by the boyfriend and.

Srihari is contesting 10 costs rape that is including intimate attack and molest, connected to two occasions of sexual intercourse utilizing the few in 2016.

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