How exactly to refill your vape pen

If you’re brand brand new to vaping, finding out how to properly refill your unit are tricky. There are several various kinds of products, all with various way of refilling. Based on how frequently you vape, you may have to refill your device usually it is therefore crucial to comprehend exactly how this procedure works. In this guide we just take you through the various kinds of vape pen and exactly how to refill them.

Closed System products

Which means that the e-liquid is included in the cartridge itself and cannot be manually refilled. Replacing a cartridge is easy – when you begin to see a big change in just how your vape pen is doing, it is time for the cartridge that is new. These modifications may include less vapour production and a weaker flavor.

To restore your cartridge, unscrew the utilized one and throw it away responsibly. Then take your brand new cartridge and screw it on the battery pack.

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