Offering essay-writing or related services to students in Higher Education.

Identification of companies

Included in a project that is separate identified approximately 1000 distinct websites offering essay-writing or related services to students in advanced schooling. We analysed the sites to identify people who indicated that they are owned by companies listed at Companies House in the UK, meaning that they could run as ‘legitimate’ businesses and they are subject to regulation by UK law, having been ‘incorporated’ beneath the Companies Act 2006 (UK Government 2016b). We analysed 26 sites operated by a total of 21 companies that are apparently distinct each had separate listings at Companies House. We also analysed a small number of additional sites from Australia as well as the USA, making an overall total of 31 sites. We have not included the identity for the companies that are specific this publication for the next reasons: 1. We usually do not need to further advertise the services of these companies, either through this publication or through any publicity connected with it. 2. We haven’t any guarantee that the company number given on these websites is obviously that of the business which runs your website. In many cases the names are the same but in others this is simply not the way it is. 3. The content for this article is academic opinion and not the foundation for legal proceedings. We now have shared, confidentially, the identities for the companies with the reviewers of the manuscript as well as utilizing the UK Quality Assurance Agency who also identified a number of UK-based companies in their report that is recent on mills (QAA 2016).

In 2016 we accessed the websites of those companies to address a series of questions (Table 1) which would then allow us to consider the relevant sections of the Fraud Act july.

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