The majority of our interest rate choices have a patronage rebate which further minimises your effective rate of interest on your farming loan.

Interest & Term Alternatives

Pick from annual, semi-annual, quarterly or payment that is monthly and amortizations between 1-30 years. Our standard loans don’t have any balloon payments so that you defintely won’t be obligated to renew or refinance at a subsequent date whenever prices might be greater.

Pick a pursuit price choice that best satisfies your agricultural funding requirements, or e mail us to find out more and present prices.


Adjustable rates for the farming loans depend on a quantity of facets including our price of funds from a mixture of sources and competitive prices information. The price is scheduled month-to-month, or less frequently if no modifications happen, and certainly will mirror basic trends and alterations in the income market. Every one of our adjustable price loans are fully-prepayable and amortized term loans could be transformed into a set rate product whenever you want without price, enabling you freedom to respond to advertise conditions.

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