Third-year Phillips Academy Andover high school pupil and creator of ‘The Boarding Classes Survival Guide’ (Peterson’s 2014) Justin Muchnick is striving submissions to award a couple $1, 000 boarding education scholarships that are offered to future or current boarding institution students. ‘The Boarding College Survival Guide’ written by trainees for students incorporates chapters published by current and also recently graduated boarding education students from over twenty-five boarding institutions across the United states of america. The book has been very well received by way of student plus parent readers who are enthusiastic about learning revolutionary about the boarding school community from individuals who have lived that.

Muchnick seems to have learned from experience which will attending boarding school isn’t just a benefit, but also financial burden with many households with young children seeking some residential school high school. Muchnick says, ‘Not only will be boarding education tuition just like attending an individual college, still factor in go expenses, areas, car rentals, publications, and so on, and in many cases with educational funding and scholarships, the process can cost lots. I wanted available my assist in some way, so I am awarding two $1, 000 scholarships or school funding to pay the idea forward. ‘ Full information on the scholarships can be found here under the ‘Scholarship’ tab.

Scholarship Fight Submission Guidelines

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