Kokernag provides bait to players that are private for trout farming

With Asia??™s biggest fisheries farm in Southern Kashmir??™s Anantnag district appearing whilst the most readily useful producer of rainbow trout on earth, personal farms are using to trout rearing and finding it commercially viable

The weekend getaway of Kokernag, 22km from Anantnag, is home to Asia??™s largest fisheries farm this is certainly emerging because the most useful producer of rainbow trout in the field.

Spread over 20 hectares, the farm had been put up 36 years back with support through the European Economic Committee. It began having a solitary hatchery which has been upgraded to 3 hatcheries who supply scores of eyed ova and seeds to beneficiaries, including personal seafood farmers.

Trout agriculture into the sector that is private introduced because of the federal government in ’09 and it has been a success. At the moment, there are many more than 540 personal farms rearing trout and making their livelihood in Kokernag.

Just the right conditions

The principle trout farming project officer at Kokernag, Mohammad Muzaffar Bazaz, states Kashmir has 2 kinds of fisheries, hot and chilled water. The temperature shouldn??™t exceed 20 degrees Celsius???For trout culture. Brown trouts come in abundance when you look at the top hits,??? he states.

Being the very first fisheries postgraduate (MFSc) of Kashmir, Bazaz has a liking that is special this farm and spends their whole day at the hatcheries, raceways and channels to help keep a wrist watch from the trouts.

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