Do I need to cave in to my older brother’s closest friend?

I have understood my cousin’s friend that is best for quite some time, you can state we practically was raised in each other people business.

We have constantly laughed and joked with each other but we have never truly invested much time alone. Often we catch him looking at me personally in a non-platonic method whenever i am doing one thing, or we will touch (while playing a casino game etc) while the space will fill with intimate tension.

He is expected me personally twice whether or perhaps not We have a boyfriend, to that we’ve answered that i have not got anything happening at present. He constantly smiles a little and informs me that i am gorgeous and that he’s « surprised ». It did toss me personally a bit the very first time he commented on my appearance when I was concerned my cousin might somehow hear. I’m sure he’d be fought by him if he did. One time as we both knew we were doing something wrong after he asked me, my brother entered the room and the vibe completely changed. I’m responsible, but interacting me realise just how much I’m physically I’m attracted to him with him in this way makes.

He is often inside my household and I just arrived on the scene of this shower just like he had been coming within the stairs to utilize the toilet. I arrived on the scene in my own towel also it really was, actually tight. I did not expect him to there be standing therefore needed to shuffle past him a little. He laughed nervously but had been staring as I walked to my room at me intensely. I’ve their quantity on my phone as my buddy has tried it to call/text him. He texted me personally a couple of hours later on stating that we seemed good previously. We knew exactly just just what he had been talking about. As terrible because it appears i am unsure simply how much longer i’m going to be in a position to get a grip on myself. I do not wish to harm my buddy or disrespect him at all.

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