Wi-Fi Calling text and talk much more places

With Wi-Fi Calling, you can easily talk and text over Wi-Fi when cellular protection is restricted or unavailable. For example, some interior places might be problematic for also a good mobile sign to achieve. Now, with a Wi-Fi connection, you are able to talk and text in those hard-to-reach places. Wi-Fi Calling can be obtained on appropriate devices to utilize in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and also the U.S. Virgin isles. *

A brand new solution to keep consitently the discussion going

*Use of Wi-Fi Calling might be restricted in a few nations

Calling and texting with Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling can be acquired on choose products. When you put up Wi-Fi Calling on your own phone, you’ll be in a position to take pleasure in the advantages. Just proceed with the actions in your phone’s settings to begin with.

Wi-Fi Calling is billed on the basis of the quantity you call regardless of whether you’re Wi-Fi® that is using at or whilst travelling abroad.

  • Phone phone Calls to U.S. Figures is made at no charge that is additional.
  • Telephone phone Calls to worldwide figures are billed at your worldwide cross country prices. If you’re traveling abroad, including phone telephone calls into the national nation you’re in.
  • Calls to numbers that are premium as 411 are billed at standard premium prices.

• Text messages you send or receive with Wi-Fi Calling count the exact same as regular texting. You’ll be charged based on your present price plan.

Supported devices What Exactly Is Wi-Fi Calling?

AT&T provides convenient Wi-Fi calling and texting on choose suitable products.

Choose Shop now to see in case the phone supports Wi-Fi Calling or even look for a phone with Wi-Fi Calling abilities.

Wi-Fi Calling enables you to talk and text over a dynamic wi-fi connection. It is possible to turn Wi-Fi Calling on or off in your phone’s settings. With Wi-Fi Calling, you are able to phone, text, and employ artistic Voicemail while you do regarding the mobile system.

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