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As an instant Rewards ® Member, you make points by traveling or investing with this lovers and that can utilize them how so when you need. Plus, if you’re short on points, you can purchase more to obtain that reward you’ve been eyeing. Scheduling a holiday without worrying all about blackout dates. That’s Transfarency. ®

At Southwest ®, we supply you with the capacity to take control of your stability. When your balance requires only a little love, you can get points any moment. However it does not hold on there. You’ll present points or move your points to other people, or donate them to charity—talk about making someone’s time!

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Buy Points FAQ

A couple of points shy of the next reward trip? You can aquire the points you will need by signing into the account and simply clicking Rapid Rewards towards the top of the display. Under Manage, select purchase or Transfer points. From here you are able to find the choice you’ll need. Points could be bought through the scheduling course when creating a journey booking.

Rapid Rewards points would be available in increments of 1,000 during marketing durations and 500 whenever down advertising. The purchase that is minimum 2,000 points in addition to daily optimum is 60,000 points for both individual and present purchases.

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