During our present globe journey, we fell so in love with Japan and particularly with Tokyo.

Lisbon Pride happens every June.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo recommended by Roxanne & Maartje from When Upon A Journey.

formerly, we??™d found out about Japan??™s culture that is crazy its cosplay, maid and pet cafes plus much more. But that is not the part that is best of Japanese tradition: it is the people. Japanese folks are the kindest and a lot of people that are polite have ever met. Culturally, they consider saying ???no??™ as impolite, however it??™s additionally within their tradition become only a little remote due to personal room. Consequently, general general public shows of affection (PDAs) and subjects like sexuality and sex are things Japanese don’t speak about, though sex norms are more fluid in Japan than somewhere else in the field.

Many LGBT-people in Japan are just ???gay for the week-end??™ and frequently have even a ???normal??™ family members during all of those other week.

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