Armenian Wedding – the marriage in Aremenia includes the proposition associated traditons, engagement as well as the marriage service it self.

The proposition is arranged during the meal held within the bride’s house. This tradition is recognized as « khosk-kap ».

The groom (« pessa ») arrives here with a few of their members of the family and close friends. The oldest member of their household really executes the proposition.

The response is written by the elders within the bride’s family members. Following a good solution every person drinks some tea.

The priest occurs. He blesses the few together with engagement bands. The place and time of this wedding is placed. This tradition is known as « hghe ktrel ».

On a before the wedding groom’s cousins tradionally prepare trays (« sinis ») or baskets with various fruit, sweets and presents day. Among those presens may be the famous cognac that is armenian.

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