Could you Get DirecTV or DISH In Your Condo Or Apartment? That is probably one of the most questions that are common have about satellite television.

“Can I have DirecTV in my own apartment? ”

This will be probably the most typical concerns we get about satellite television.

The brief response is: yes. You might be legitimately permitted to install a satellite meal for an unit that is rental long as you don’t harm the leasing property or break any nearby rules while doing this.

Your directly to use a satellite meal is particularly protected by FCC purchase 98-273, which states that “renters will find a way … to install part 207 reception products anywhere they hire area outside of a building, such as for instance balconies, balcony railings, patios, yards, gardens or some other similar areas. ”

The answer that is long: perhaps. Should your landlord is difficult, it could never be quite therefore an easy task to put in a satellite meal regarding the premises — especially if doing this may cause any damage that is structural the house. The landlord’s liberties may also be protected because of the FCC, which specifies that landlords can spot limitations from the installing satellite dishes or antennas “as long while the restrictions are reasonable.

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