We Asked A intercourse Columnist on her advice that is best about how to Be described as a « Safe Slut »

Just picture, as a grownup, having an awesome, street-wise cousin that knows quite a bit about intercourse and provides the most effective, judgment-free, well-informed advice about love, dating, and setting up. For me, that is sex chatrooms Karley Sciortino. The 33-year-old New York–based sex author may be the creator and host of Viceland’s hit show Slutever. The show, which established its second period on February 10, reclaims the phrase slut by checking out non-normative intercourse communities, from play parties to polyamory. Sciortino additionally authors a sex-and-relationship that is online for Vogue called Breathless and it is a journalist and administrator producer regarding the provocative brand new comedy series Now Apocalypse, arriving at Starz in March.

Recently I got the opportunity to have a completely chill, unfiltered talk to Sciortino about casual sex—as in, just how to get the best non-committal hookup experiences possible while navigating the current dating landscape of apps, non-monogamy, increasing STI rates, and much more. Keep scrolling to learn her advice for simple tips to be described as a « safe slut » in 2019.

We read recently that 65% of 18- to 34-year-olds reported not utilizing a condom the final time they had sex. It looks like condoms are sort of moving away from design, also among casual intercourse lovers.

Do you believe which is actually bad, or not too big of the deal?

Intercourse is super susceptible, particularly casual intercourse where there are a great number of facets which you can not anticipate. therefore unless you’re somebody who has literally zero anxiety about STIs (which, I do not understand whom see your face is), you ought to be making use of condoms. Because or even, you are just including an entire layer of fear or anxiety on your own, whether that is during intercourse it self or once.

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