‘My boyfriend loses need for sex after he orgasms’

Ask Roe: i understand he genuinely really loves me personally and i really like him but we find this situation extremely irritating

Dear Roe,

I will be within an amazing relationship and I will be therefore very happy to are finding somebody I am able to certainly be myself with. Our sex-life is excellent; we seldom orgasm through penetrative sex which we discuss, and then he always guarantees before he does that I orgasm another way, usually. But, I’ve pointed out that once he comes, everything prevents, also me close to orgasm right before if he has brought. I’ve told him just how much this frustrates me personally intimately and upsets me personally by simply making me feel he does not worry about my pleasure in which he has apologised but he claims this is certainly precisely how guys are, he loses his ‘drive for sex’. I’m sure he truly really really loves me personally and I adore him but We find this example extremely aggravating. Have always been we being actually selfish? Is this precisely how guys are designed physically? Do I need to be troubled concerning this at all?

It is aggravating. Perhaps perhaps perhaps Not your position, mine. Because now i must compose the expression that may destroy the thesis of several individuals online who desperately would you like to genuinely believe that i’m – to make use of their whimsical change of expression – “an irrational man-hating feminazi.” And I undoubtedly hate to disappoint.

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