« I Am Right but We Fantasize About Lesbian Intercourse. Is The Fact That Normal? « 

Hey Emily! I’m a 20-year-old woman from England. As much as I know, i am entirely right as well as in love with my long-lasting boyfriend. (OK, there was clearly onetime that we installed with a lady, but I made a decision it is just not in my situation. )Here’s the thing: whenever I masturbate (as well as often whenever my boyfriend is certainly going straight down on me personally), i believe about girls sex with girls. Primarily, I imagine circumstances where a woman is having lesbian sex for the very first time. Am I normal?! Have always been we even right? You can find simply no presssing problems with my boyfriend and we really don’t think I’m gay. Have always been I possibly bisexual? Have always been I alone? Thanks Britney that is, Bi-Curious in

I’m therefore happy I was written by you, Britney.

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