Can no worker take comfort in areas of their work despite capitalism?

Can no woman take comfort in sex despite patriarchy? In the event that response is that they’ll, then exactly why is it so difficult to think there are intercourse employees who choose and/or take delight in their work despite capitalism and patriarchy, maybe not as a result of them? I’ve been told by abolitionists that it is not feasible inside the intercourse industry, that any worker whom enjoys their task, and even people who usually do not enjoy but notice it as a much better possibility than whatever else offered to them, just does therefore away from internalized misogyny. That they would see the truth if they were freed from this, by adopting an abolitionist mindset (any other stance is accused of being founded on internalized misogyny and therefore invalid. It appears a lot like spiritual dogma and it is usually addressed with because zeal that is much. The abolitionist approach will not appreciate if not acknowledge the cleverness, agency, experiences and understanding of intercourse employees. This really is discrimination posing as feminism. Then you need to listen to all women, not just the ones who say what you want to hear if you want equality for women.

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